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School Philosophy

Our Philosophy

D.S. MacKenzie School is an inclusive environment whose focus is student and adult learning.  We understand that the "one size fits all" model of education is no longer appropriate in today's rapidly evolving society. We approach learning as a team effort, where students and teachers learn together in a collaborative environment.  We strive for "everyday, every student, a success!"‌


At D. S. MACKENZIE School, we believe success is fostered through:

  • engaging learning experiences and high quality instruction;
  • working together with students, parents, and community;
  • programming which develops independent, self-directed and motivated learners;
  • participation in the global, interconnected and interdependent learning community;
  • high expectations for work ethic, behaviour, and respectfulness;
  • guiding students to make responsible and empathetic choices within a caring, supporting environment.