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Student Services

Administration - The principal and assistant principal deal with the school organization, timetabling, registration, school activities, finances, school facilities, discipline and liaison with the School Council, School Board office, and Alberta Learning.  Students and parents are always welcome to seek assistance from the school administration. 

Counselling Services - All staff members are prepared to provide advice and assistance to students.  Students should not hesitate to seek help when it is required.  Our  administrators and grade co-ordinators are available to provide assistance if there are difficulties with program studies, or classmates. Parents are encouraged to contact the school for information and assistance. 

Custodial Staff - Our custodial staff does an excellent job of keeping our school clean and safe.  To help them in their work, we ask our students to avoid littering, keep their desks and lockers tidy and remove or clean dirty footwear before entering the school.  In addition, we believe that all staff and students should assist in keeping our school grounds clean and free of dangerous materials.  Join the Terra Firma Club in keeping our environment clean!  

Educational Services - A group of educational specialists including remedial reading specialists, school psychologists, speech and hearing specialists, are available to serve the school when required.  Parents/guardians, teachers or the school administration may initiate the assistance of these specialists.  If school initiated, parental/guardian consent will be obtained first. 

Library Media Centre Services - Our library media centre is a source of pride for all of us.  The resources and services of our library media center are an important part of the school's curriculum. All students are encouraged to use the library media centre. The library is intended as a place for individual and group research as well as individual study.  Study areas are provided.  Students may use the library during the school day subject to the library timetable.  Proper library conduct is expected.  Students must be reading, studying or doing homework.  The library is used for quiet reading and studying during the lunch hour.  Student identification cards will be used as library "sign out" cards.  Students will pay for replacement costs of lost or damaged library books and other books.

Circulation Policy

  • student ID Card is required for all textbook and library item sign-outs
  • loan period for library items is 2 weeks
  • loan limit is up to 8 items including textbooks 

Computer Use

  • computers are for class research only
  • students must have signed permission from classroom teacher for individual research
  • absolutely no recreational 'surfing' 

School Office Staff - Students go to the school office staff if they want to:

  • hand-in notes for lates or absences
  • sign out when leaving the school for appointments
  • sign in when arriving after classes have begun
  • indicate a change in address or telephone number
  • pay fees or purchase bus passes at the beginning of each month
  • replace their lost I.D. Card.  There is a $5.00 charge for replacement

Teaching Staff - All teachers willingly provide assistance to our students.  Students should not hesitate to seek help from teachers when it is required.  Parent/guardians are encouraged to contact teachers if they have any questions or concerns about their child's progress.

Diversity Coordinator /LGBTQ Safe Contact: Ms. van Dolder

FNMI coordinator: Ms. van Dolder.

Other student information:

SchoolZone is a secure web portal that is designed to provide parents and students with school and student information. You will find School Newsletters, progress reports, attendance records, notices about overdue library books, achievement results and links to great online resources. SchoolZone is available any time and on any computer connected to the internet, from home or work. Some schools may even post information about parent council meetings, volunteer opportunities and school assemblies - making it easier for you to find out about school happenings without sending home lots of paper. SchoolZone is an important tool for our school and we encourage you to support us in our effort to improve communication between school and home by signing onto SchoolZone regularly to check for updates.

Cloud = applications that are on the internet, and not on your computer. With more student-owned devices coming into schools every year, and with the shift from wired to wireless access, it is essential that students are provided with a consistent set of learning resources anytime, anywhere. By providing our students with Google Apps through SchoolZone, new teaching and learning strategies will be adopted and developed to support student learning anytime, anywhere with single-sign-on access.

Students at this school now have access to Google Apps for Education through SchoolZone. Google Apps allows students to communicate and collaborate using Google powered email and calendars, and make documents, presentations and websites easily. Accounts are created and administered through District Technology and using Google Apps Education Edition. See more information including an overview of Google Apps in EPS, info on how to use Google Apps, and information about the portal and privacy.

What implications does this have for students? Students will now have access to their files, school email, grades, calendars, and collaborative tools to create documents, presentations, and sites whenever they have access to the internet - at any time, from most types of devices. Teachers will continue to post assignments and class information to SchoolZone, but now these include online, collaborative documents. Not sure what that means? Check out this prensentation...

Google Docs
Don't Hand in Your Homework...Share it instead.
When you create a document using your Share (Google) Docs account, "Share" it with your teacher. That way, you never have to worry about forgetting to hand something in.

"Sharing" gives them live access to your document to provide feedback and to grade your work.

Google Mail
Tired of deleting messages to stay under quota?
Good thing you now have 7GB worth of free email storage. 
What's your email address?
(Example - a.student@share.epsb.ca)

Google Sites
No experience? No problem.

Embrace your inner webmaster and build your dream site with Google Sites. You can share it with a few friends, the whole district, or the world!

The MacKenzie Deli

Forgot your lunch?

Pick up some lunch at our school store. The Deli allows students an opportunity to pick up lunch on those days when they do not have a lunch from home.



There is a proud tradition of high level athletics at D.S.M. Our athletics program begins early in September and continues throughout the school year until June with different sports having their seasons during different times of the year. Interested in a bunch of different sports? We have probably have something here to interest you. Take a look at some of what we have to offer:





Cross-country running




Track & Field

Journal Indoor Games




Student Conduct Policy


Students enrolled with Edmonton Public Schools are expected to behave in ways conducive to learning. To that end, Edmonton Public Schools has developed a Student Behaviour and Conduct Policy. 

This policy outlines exactly how students are expected to behave as well as what types of consequences may be implemented should your son or daughter choose not to adhere to appropriate behaviour expectations.

Additionally, when a student makes the choice to attend D.S.MacKenzie School, our Behaviour Contract is also signed. This document covers attendance expectations, behaviour, dress, student conduct and additional items that will assist to bring about success at the junior high level.

It is our sincere believe at our school that all students have the right to a safe and caring environment which protects the individual rights of all students in an atmosphere of educational mentoring and teaching.

If you have any questions about the expectations of students at D.S. MacKenzie School or of Edmonton Public Schools, please do not hesitate to contact us.