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Clubs & Activities


The school sponsors various co-curricular and extracurricular activities that are intended to develop leadership, to foster self-discipline, to develop school spirit, to improve staff-students relationships and to enhance the learning opportunities of our students.

Students who participate in these activities must be committed to the pursuit of excellence in their activity and must exhibit an attitude of commitment to both the academic and athletic facets of the school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • D.S. MacKenzie offers a wide variety of inter-scholastic teams including soccer, cheerleading, cross-country running, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field.
  • The main criteria used to determine who is allowed to represent D. S. MacKenzie are academic progress and work effort.
  • Our interscholastic program is designed for those with a competitive spirit who wish to develop their skills.
  • For those interested in recreational fun, we offer an intramural program that includes floor hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and other activities as interest warrents.
  • Our intramural program is run by our grade nine Leadership students and is designed for fun, participation and for the development of an active lifestyle.
  • Our staff also creates opportunities for our students to participate in other activities.  These activities include Ski trips, Year 9 Farewell Committee, Concert Band, iMprov and Yearbook Club.  There is an activity waiting for you!

Sports Program - D.S. MacKenzie school sponsors boys' and girls' school teams which represent our school in the Edmonton Public School Systems inter-school sports program.

September - October

Cross-country running, and soccer

October - May


October - November


November - February


January - March 


April - May  


May - June 

Rugby, slo-pitch and track and field

During the winter months we participate in the Journal Games.

Math Contest - Each year our students have the opportunity to enter math competitions sponsored by local, national, and interested organizations.

School Band - D.S. MacKenzie sponsors a school band which meet at noon or after-school for additional practice.  The band performs at various public functions at the school throughout the year.  Our student musicians also routinely perform at several of our neighboring elementary schools during the year.

Drama - In May and June we have about 40 SOAPS (Single One Act Plays in Spring - this is our version of a fringe festival) with the involvement of about 220 D. S. M. drama students. Each student has a major acting role in one of the 40 productions. Of the 40 performance groups consisting of 4 to 7 actors, there are about 15 different 35 minutes to 1 hour long plays. Most of the actors have about 30 pages of script to memorize. Currently, it is believed that a program such as SOAPS is not provided at any other junior high school in Canada.

Yearbook - A yearbook is published annually, recording in words and pictures the highlights of the school year.  A group of interested students, under the guidance of a teacher, produce the yearbook.  It is printed during the summer and distributed in the fall.  The purchase of a yearbook early in the school year is optional, but encouraged.

 Here are a few pictures of some of our favorite activities....‌