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Special Programming

D. S. MacKenzie offers a wide range of core academic programs. Please download the appropriate program brochure below for further information regarding these specialized programs.

Academic Challenge Program

Challenge programming is provided for elementary and junior high students who demonstrate high ability and excellent achievement. Students are grouped together for enriched, challenging and well-paced programming specifically designed to meet the special educational needs of high ability learners.

For D.S. MacKenzie School's Academic Challenge Registration Package, please see our REGISTRATION web page which is under the FOR PARENTS web page.

Please visit the  District Challenge Program website for more information.

Behaviour and Learning Assistance Program

The Behaviour and Learning Assistance programming assists students with chronic, extreme, pervasive anti-social behaviours. Programming supports students to achieve academically and to develop and apply acceptable behaviour and social skills in the classroom, school and community.

Please visit the District BLA Program brochure for more information.

Strategies Program 

Please visit the Strategies Program or visit the District Special Education website for more information.

The goal of the strategies program is to enable students with learning disabilities to acquire the strategies and coping skills necessary to achieve successfully in regular school programs.

Student Characteristics

Students have average or higher intellectual ability, but are experiencing significant difficulties in language arts and other subject areas, despite acceptable attendance and behaviour.

These students demonstrate wide discrepancies among their skills, and a range of learning disabilities, which may include attention deficit disorders.

Special Education

Please visit the http://www.epsb.ca/programs/specialeducation/ website for more information.