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Regular Programs and basic information

D. S. MacKenzie offers a wide range of core academic classes, options, and specialized programming. 

Second Languages

All Junior High studentns are required to take a second language.  At D.S. MacKenzie, we are proud to offer students French as a Second Language and Japanese Language and Culture as their language learning choices.

Option Programming

D.S. MacKenzie, is pleased to offer a wide variety of option programming for students, including both Fine Arts and CTF courses.  

Please note:

  • All Junior High students are required to take either French or Japanese.  Students also have the choice of two full year Fine Arts options; one full year Fine Arts course and three trimester courses; or 6 trimestered courses.
  • Please read the course description carefully and thoughtfully before making option selections. There will be no changes in option classes once schedules have been given to the students in September.
  • There are limited spaces in all classes. If more students than we have room for request any particular option, decisions will be made through a random selection process.

 Brochure - 2017-2018 D.S. MacKenzie Options Information